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Learn About: Battery Springs

Lee Spring’s Stock line of Battery Springs are conical springs that are perfect for prototype and small run production, as well as larger runs. These economical and reliable battery contacts are ideal for molded cases with self-contained battery compartments. Our battery contacts have been designed to adjust to varying battery lengths and provide low contact resistance and dependable connections. Each of the four battery contact configurations are designed to work with the four most popular battery sizes: AA, AAA, C and D. They are offered in a choice of two materials, nickel coated music wire or silver coated beryllium copper. If our Stock product designs do not meet your requirements, we can provide Custom designs for battery springs, fourslide part contacts or stampings.

Material Information:
Nickel Coated Music Wire: Since most alkaline batteries have nickel plated containers, a nickel coating for the metal contacts is suitable. The use of similar materials removes the possibility of galvanic corrosion and aids in wear resistance. Nickel will also tend to wipe and aid in breaking down the oxide that can form on the battery metal contact surface. In addition, a nickel coating will provide general corrosion resistance and is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Silver Coated Beryllium Copper: Beryllium Copper is among the hardest, strongest and most wear-resistant of copper alloys. Silver coating further enhances electrical and thermal conductivity. The electric conductivity is 65-70% that of copper; the strength and fatigue resistance are comparable to higher beryllium alloys. The light silver plating allows for easy soldering. Beryllium copper is corrosion resistant in various environments and is both non-magnetic and non-sparking.

Stock Battery Springs are available in a choice of four conical spring configurations: Interior Mount, Exterior Mount, Adjustable Mount, and Double Mount

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