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Learn About: MIL-SPEC Springs

When MIL-SPEC Springs are required, Lee Spring makes ordering easy by offering the full range of both MIL-SPEC Compression Springs (MS24585) and Extension Springs (MS24586).

  • Simplified pricing – no complicated price grids.
  • Paperwork included – no additional charges for material certifications or traceability.
  • Easy on-line ordering – purchase up to 1000 springs on our secure website
  • Free ground shipping – on orders from 10 to 1000 pieces.
  • DFARS Compliance – all Stainless Steel Mil-Spec springs meet DFARS specifications.
  • Quick RFQ turnaround – over 1000 pieces, we’ll respond rapidly!

About MIL- SPEC Springs:
These specialized products are part of the United States Defense Standard. They are used to help achieve standardization objectives set by the U.S. Department of Defense. They are known interchangeably as “Military Standards”, "MIL-SPEC", “MIL-STD", or "MilSpecs." These high precision designs meet stringent technical requirements and are used in a multitude of Military and Aerospace applications, both defense and non-defense related. MIL-SPEC springs are increasingly specified by other non-Defense government organizations, technical organizations, and highly regulated industries. The MIL-SPEC standard for compression springs for loads below 20 lbs. is AS24585; this standard was formerly MS24585. The MIL-SPEC standard for extension springs for loads below 30 lbs. is AS24586; this was formerly MS24586.

Part Numbers:
Be sure to specify the complete numbers as designated by AS24585 and AS24586. MIL-SPEC Springs begin with the prefix MS24585 or MS24586 followed by a hyphen and the part number, e.g., MS24585-1002 or MS24586-C13.

All MIL-SPEC springs are available in the four authorized AS24585 and AS24586 materials and finishes:

  • Uncoated Music Wire per ASTM A228.
  • Cadmium Plated Music Wire in accordance with SAE-AMS-QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2.
  • Zinc Plated Music Wire in accordance with ASTM B633, Type II, Fe/Zn5.
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel 302 per ASTM A313 with passivation treatment in accordance with ASTM A967. Lee Spring uses DFARS Compliant material only.

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